United Left Alliance call for a NO Vote on May 31st

The United Left Alliance at its final No Campaign press conference this morning has said that the result of the fiscal treaty referendum is too close to call.

Speaking at the press conference, Richard Boyd Barrett said they were finding it quite hard to find Yes voters, and those they did find were doing so out of fear. He said the result was a question of whether fear won out over the chance to reject austerity. Mr Boyd Barrett accused the Government of “lying through their teeth” about the “so-called deficit problem”. He said the threat that the State will not have enough money to fund itself if we vote No is a “total hoax and yet another example of the lies, bullying and intimidation that has characterised the Government’s campaign”.

United Left Alliance, MEP Paul Murphy said a No vote would send a message to Europe that austerity does not work, and would help to defeat the treaty.

Article source: http://richardboydbarrett.ie/2012/05/29/united-left-alliance-call-for-a-no-vote-on-may-31st/