Action for Choice calls for Immediate Referendum to Repeal Eighth Amendment

Action for Choice PRESS RELEASE 18 August 2014 

Action for Choice calls for an immediate referendum to repeal the Eighth amendment following this weekend’s reports of a suicidal rape victim being denied her legal right to an abortion by the Irish State under the current guidelines.   
Commenting spokesperson Sinéad Kennedy said: “Less than two years after the death of Savita Halappanavar yet another woman living in Ireland has fallen victim to horrific abortion laws. The political cowardice of our politicians who are determined to keep their heads in the sand and deny the reality of abortion in Ireland are directly responsible for the barbaric treatment of this woman. How many more women will it take before we have real action on abortion? We are calling on the government to give an immediate commitment to call a referendum to repeal the eighth amendment and to introduce abortion legislation that give women living in Ireland full control over their reproductive choices.”
Further commenting spokesperson Ailbhe Smyth said: ‘Last year Action for Choice [formally Action on X] was highly critical of the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act arguing that it was a dangerous and unworkable piece of legislation that would make the situation for vulnerable women in Ireland even more dangerous. This weekend our worst fears were confirmed when the Irish State denied a suicidal rape victim her legal right to an abortion. This legislation is unworkable; it is time to call for an immediate referendum to repeal the Eighth Amendment and give Irish women access to free safe and legal abortion.”

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